Closed Trades – 2018

DIT – Days in Trade
Expired – Options expired with no value
Partial Exit with at least 100% gains : the remaining position is pure profit.

[ExitDate]DITSymStrikeTradeP/L %Mth Over Mth %
17-Aug-1849Join As Free Member To View Symbols$3.00Buy CallExpiredView
17-Aug-1853$45/$50Buy Vertical CallExpiredView
10-Aug-183$2865/$2875/$2885Buy Butterfly CallExpiredView
6-Aug-184$34Buy Call70%View
2-Aug-183$200/$195Sell Vertical Put51%View
27-Jul-187$50/$55Buy Vertical Call32%3.08%View
25-Jul-188$77.50Buy Straddle-17%View
20-Jul-1838Join As Free Member To View Symbols$24/$26Buy Vertical Call-4%View
18-Jul-186$104Buy Calendar Call53%View
17-Jul-188$50/$55Buy Vertical Call40%View
9-Jul-1838$75/$80Buy Vertical Call30%View
6-Jul-183$50Buy Call58%View
5-Jul-1849$57.50/$70Buy Vertical Call30%View
2-Jul-1814$52/$46Buy Vertical Put33%View
29-Jun-1877Join As Free Member To View Symbols$248/$236/$224Buy ButterflyExpired2.01%View
22-Jun-1816$35/$40Buy Vertical Call5%View
8-Jun-1816$52.50/$57.50Buy Vertical Call40%View
5-Jun-185$32/$40Buy Vertical Call46%View
5-Jun-1811$35/$40Buy Vertical Call42%View
2-Jun-1823$90/$105Buy Vertical Call32%View
25-May-1810$85/$95Buy Vertical Call39%2.43%View
15-May-181Join As Free Member To View SymbolsBuy Shares63%View
15-May-181Sell Vertical Call35%View
14-May-185Buy Vertical Call40%View
8-May-181Buy Shares45%View
8-May-181Buy Vertical Call15%View
26-Apr-182Sell Iron Condor-67%2.28%View
18-Apr-186Buy Butterfly45%View
18-Apr-186Join As Free Member To View SymbolsBuy Vertical Call39%View
7-Apr-182Buy Butterfly-38%View
5-Apr-181Buy Butterfly26%View
4-Apr-182Sell Vertical Put50%View
3-Apr-181Sell Vertical Put30%View
2-Apr-1810Buy Butterfly127%View
2-Apr-184Buy Vertical Call-24%View
29-Mar-186Join As Free Member To View SymbolsBuy ButterflyExpired1.13%View
28-Mar-185Buy Butterfly68%View
23-Mar-183Buy Broken Wing Butterfly30%View
23-Mar-1816Buy Butterfly33%View
21-Mar-181Sell Iron Condor35%View
16-Mar-183Buy Call Vertical35%View
6-Mar-183Buy Put Vertical-38%View
5-Mar-1810Join As Free Member To View SymbolsSell Strangle0%View
6-Mar-183Buy Put Vertical-52%View
3-Mar-181Sell Vertical Put35%View
26-Feb-185Sell Vertical Put70%5.35%View
26-Feb-1812Sell Iron Condor-51%View
20-Feb-187Sell Vertical Put45%View
16-Feb-187Join As Free Member To View SymbolsBuy Broken Wing Butterfly100%View
14-Feb-188Buy Broken Wing Butterfly80%View
13-Feb-184Buy Butterfly-21%View
1-Feb-182Buy Butterfly50%View
29-Jan-1818Buy Calendar11%2.22%View
23-Jan-1814Buy Shares
(Partial Exit)
10-Jan-175Buy Calendar25%View