Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhaleTrades?

WhaleTrades is a platform which offers Premium Options Education to its members. Our mission is to offer a combination of a high quality education and actionable trade ideas. At WhaleTrades, we share our trading experiences (and mistakes, yes we make mistakes too) and to help you avoid some pitfalls and become a better trader. The trading alerts are based on our real trades that we are sharing with members in real time. WhaleTrades does not advocate itself as a trade recommendation service. We are not financial advisers nor brokers. Our primary goal is to educate you about options. Ask questions. Focus on your education, and long term performance of your trades which you will action on with us.


What is your trading style?

I combine both directional and non-directional strategies. I am an advocate of a “quality vs quantity” approach. My 1st goal is the stringent selection of the trades to be entered instead of the numbers. If you go for quality plays, the quality plays will take care of your profits.

Why do I need to join WhaleTrades?

With our education courses, you will  learn in a very short time what takes most traders many years to discover through trial and error. At WhaleTrades, our education courses will build your options trading foundation, cover the important option strategies that you can use and teach you step-by-step how to open and close option trades on the trading platforms.

Traders and Investors will be notified of the movement of Big Money and other trade opportunities with our Trade Alerts.

Who will be suitable to join WhaleTrades?

As long as you are in the financial markets or intending to enter the financial markets, you will be the one.

What do I get by joining WhaleTrades?

Option Courses (Basics, Strategies and Execution) will be available to all members (Free and Gold member) at no charge.
Gold member will also get access to Trade Alerts, Trade Reviews and Portfolio.

When is it a good time to join WhaleTrades?

Last week. Of course, you can join WhaleTrades now. Increasing your financial education is an -on-going journey.

How is WhaleTrades different?

We provide education in its simplest form for greater understanding. We look beyond the charts and fundamentals (company info) to spot the Big Money.


Still have questions? Please contact us.